Strictly Productive & Efficient Computing

Turnkey Custom Systems

First - we get to know your needs & wants, then we prepare an effective custom solution, specifically tailored for your business. We collaboate on the details, and if approved - execute to deliver. In the end - we support you 100% and stand behind every system we create for your business.

Web-based Development

We all live in an increasingly mobile world, world of various size devices, big and small, people on the move, scattered throughout the globe. The Web can be a great equalizer, so even the smallest company can be successful. You need to be online, you need to do SEO, you need presence in Social Media, you need to do a lot of things... unfortunately, even though you realize and understand all of that - you may not have the knowledge or resources to make it happen. That where PCS can help. We consistently keep up with the IT industry, thus maximizing the benefits of technology & the Internet for your business.


At times you may need nothing more than some guidance. Other times you want to orchestrate a major IT restructure of overhaul. In either case, PCS can come in and offer its 30+ years of expertise in just about all things IT, to help you come up with the most efficient, cost-effective solution to take care of your needs. We provide on-premises training, as well as online-based training. Our unique IT-in-a-box service, called specZONE, allows you to essentially have the benefits of your own IT department, but at a fraction of the cost.

Do you want to run a more efficient, cost-effective organization, using technology to significantly improve your bottom line & your business?

We can help. Contact PCS to learn how